Methodology Masterclass: Exploring the pedagogic possibilities of new diaspora formations and transnationalism

This event has been cancelled due to industrial action taking place on this day. This is a decision that has not been taken lightly. If students have any concerns or questions, please visit this webpage

Do not miss this fantastic activity with Prof. Fazal Rizvi, Professor of Global Studies in Education at the University of Melbourne Australia, as well as an Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States.

Abstract: Migration is not what it used to be. Advances in transport and communication technologies have transformed the nature of migrant experiences, enabling globally mobile people to remain in touch with each other across vast distances and national borders, transforming their sense of belonging, stretching their imagination and aspirations. It has also ‘transnationalised’ the nature of our classrooms and schools. The workshop will explore how we might research the processes of ‘trans-nationalisation’ in education, and in particular consider their pedagogic possibilities.