Exploring the roles of non-state education providers in Myanmar: contributions to reform, peace education and inclusion

An interesting event with CPGJ member Liz Maber as discussant:

Date: 25th April 2018

Time: 4-5pm

Location: GS1, Donald McIntyre Building, Faculty of Education

Speaker: Daw May Pale’ Thwe (Pearl)

Discussant: Dr Liz Maber

In this seminar, May Pale’ Thwe (Pearl) will discuss the context of Myanmar’s education reforms and her own work as an education provider, trainer and advocate. Highlighting the roles and contributions of non-state education providers in this diverse educational landscape, she will reflect on the current and potential opportunities for peace education and inclusive education practices.

May Pale’ Thwe is a widely experienced educator in Myanmar: the founder and vice-president of the Smile Education and Development Foundation, and president of Smile Education Training Institute, a vice-president of Myanmar-United States Friendship Association, a SIT teacher trainer, an Instructor of ICOE John Hopkins University, Yangon University, a coordinator for the Myanmar Council of Persons with Disabilities, a mentor of Myanmar Women Mentorship Network, a Senior National Education Researcher, and a prominent advocate in Myanmar’s current education reform discussions.