Welcome to Culture, Politics and Global Justice

On Monday 8th October we held a welcome event for people to find out more about our work and how to get involved. Here are our current projects with contact details and further information attached:

Our reading groups for the year Ontopolitics of the Futures, Knowledge & Digital Capitalism, Social Justice and Education

Our work in progress seminar series organised by Aliandra Lazzari Barlete. Full details will be circulated in the near future about how to get involved.

Our digital engagement organised by Jana Bacevic and Mark Carrigan. Get in touch if you’d be interested in writing a blog post or have a link you would like to share via social media.

Our impact strategy organised by Mark Carrigan. Get in touch if you’d be interested in writing about your research in magazines, newspapers or online.

We’ll be publishing a list of our upcoming business meetings in the near future. Please come along with ideas and suggestions of your own.

Contact us here if you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list. There’s more information about how to organise events within the cluster here.

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