PhD or MPhil as a ‘work in progress’ (Secret Seminar for CPGJ students)

Aliandra Lazzari Barlete, Faculty of Education
Friday, 30/11, 12.00, Room GS3, DMB

Have you ever considered your PhD or Masters degree to be your own ‘work in progress’? One that will lead you towards an intellectual idea, a betterment of your own self, an academic project, or a (hopefully) decently paid career in whatever you want to do? This (very secret) seminar is aimed to help you to get through this phase of your own personal progress whilst in Cambridge. Data has been collected from a purposive sampling of opportunities and advice around Cambridge during the course of 3.5 years. We’ll discuss conferencing, collaborations, some PhD planning, skills training, career portfolio.

The seminar is targeted at CPGJ students only: PhDs (please don’t miss it if you are a first year) as well as MPhils (especially those who plan to do a PhD in the future).

Attendees are required to come prepared to work collaboratively, and to share the best of themselves and of their experiences before entering the Cambridge bubble.

(Small print, for the fun of it: Bring your own lunch. ‘Fight Club’ rules may apply).