Thinking on film: movie screenings

Culture, politics and global justice research cluster is running a series of film screenings showing how contemporary cinema portrays the practice of ‘thinking’ – whether in the form of philosophy, theory, mathematics, writing, or something else. We’ve mostly selected films that are freely available and go beyond the ‘usual suspects’, but suggestions are always welcome!

We’ll be starting this Friday (16 August), at 5PM, in Donald Macintyre Building (DMB) GS4, with the recent film featuring the celebrated theorist, philosopher, and epistemologist Donna Haraway, Fabrizio Terranova’s Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2019).

Screening is open to all. Ground floor is fully accessible, and we’ll aim to make the sound as clear as possible as well as include subtitles, if avalaible. Come along and bring snacks and drinks! 

We plan to continue throughout the academic year, with films including Hannah Arendt (2012), Wittgenstein (1993), Examined Life (2008) etc.

If you have any questions, contact Mark Carrigan (mac228) or Jana Bacevic (jb906).

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