Beyond online learning: Researchers launch live experiment to imagine the post-pandemic university

Researchers from more than 50 universities have launched a project which aims to piece together a coherent vision for Higher Education’s post-pandemic future, while simultaneously operating as a ‘live experiment’ in how it might work.

The project, ‘Building the Post-Pandemic University’, is being hosted by the Faculty of Education, is open to academics around the world and already involves contributions from scholars in 14 different countries.

Its main goal is to generate ideas that will give universities a basis on which to reimagine their post-COVID future, beyond immediate concerns about how to teach and manage students while enforcing social distancing. Instead, participants are contributing evidence and ideas about the pandemic’s potential long-term effects: such as how it might transform students’ choices about higher education, the management of student and staff wellbeing, and the opportunity it represents to take decisive action to address ongoing challenges such as institutional racism and inequality of access to higher education.

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