Solidarity with Academic Communities in Syria & Turkey:

A panel discussion

Monday, 13 February | 17:00 | Online


The Kahramanmaras earthquake has devastated large parts of Turkey and Northwest Syria, where 11,200 people have been killed and tens of thousands more injured and displaced.

Join us on Monday, 13 February at 17:00 to hear from a panel of Turkish and Syrian academics who are either located in or working with communities impacted by the crisis. They will discuss the conditions on the ground, the needs of those affected, and the ways to support local organizations providing humanitarian aid.

We will hear from a number of colleagues, including:

  • Dr. Ayça Çubukçu, Associate Professor in Human Rights, Co-Director of LSE Human Rights
  • Dr. Didem Danis, Associate prof at Galatasaray University and member of the Association for Migration Research
  • Dr. Eylem Kılıç Oğurlu, Academic for Peace (BAK) Assistant Professor Yuzuncu Yil University (Dismissed academic)
  • Dr. Hanady Omaish, lecturer in Mathematics and IT, Sham University, Azaz, Syria
  • Dr. Iman Sarmini, lecturer in Psychology, Sham University, Azaz, Syria
  • Professor Miassar Al-Hasan, Rector at Sham University in Azaz, Syria
  • Ronay Bakan, PhD student at John Hopkins University, who is from and currently in Diyarbakir.
  • Dr. Shaher Abdullateef, Director of Syrian Academic Expertise (SAE) and university lecturer throughout Northwest Syria
  • Dr. Ulas Bayraktar, leader of the solidarity project Kulturhane, working on the emergency response in Sourthern Turkey

This event is organised by the Knowledge, Power, Politics research group at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, in collaboration with: Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE), University of Bristol; Centre for Lebanese StudiesCentre for the Study of Global Human Movement, University of Cambridge; London School of Economics Middle East CentrePeace with Justice, Institute of Education, University College London; School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex

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