Pedagogy of Feminist Hope: what can we learn from Brazilian teachers in times of conservatism

Date&Time: Thursday, 11th May, 11 am

Location: DMB, 2S8

Join online: Teams Meeting ID: 385 169 700 653, Passcode: 8RWpPc

You can also access the meeting via Work in Progress Seminar Channel on Teams.

Speaker: Bruna Dalmaso-Junqueira

Based on critical education studies and feminist epistemologies, this ongoing research departs from the context of conservative advances in Brazilian education to document and learn from initiatives of resistance. Based on the reports of 107 teachers from Brazilian K-12 schools, the study investigates how feminist pedagogies have been developed by teachers who have been persecuted by surveillance and mistrust policies in relation to teaching work itself.
Faced with a transnational anti-gender agenda, the practice of these teachers embodies what I call the pedagogy of feminist hope. This consists of a myriad of practices of feminist disobedience, which find gaps for ruptures in the hegemonic way of thinking about reality and education. At the same time that one can observe limitations of practices when facing the reproduction of a white and/or liberal feminism, it is also possible to identify the breaking down of borders with the anti-racist commitment and sensitivity to dissident identities. Documenting and critically analising these practices aims to contribute to democratic and equalitarian education initiatives by providing theoretical and methodological tools both in academic and school contexts.

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