Niklas Luhmann Reading Group: Session 2

Time: Friday 19th May at 2 pm

Join through Zoom:

ID: 985 5773 7437
Password: 405949

This week we are looking at autopoiesis and double-contingency:

  • Autopoiesis refers to a system’s ability to produce and reproduce its constituent elements, defining its unity. It applies to living, social, and psychic systems with specific modes of operation, such as communication for social systems and thoughts for psychic systems.
  • Double contingency is a concept used by Luhmann to describe the problem that arises in social interactions between Ego and Alter, where both act contingently and assume that the other will act contingently as well. This mutual experience of non-accessible meaning creates a tautological symmetry that can only be interrupted by communication.

Through our reading group, we hope to deepen our understanding of Luhmann’s ideas and engage in discussions about their relevance to contemporary social issues. Whether you are already familiar with Luhmann’s work or are just curious to learn more, we welcome you to join us

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