Cultural Studies and Memory Studies: On Being Human in Times of Crisis

Date & Time: Wednesday, 17th May, 10-12.

Location: 1S3, DMB


Meeting ID: 986 4499 5486
Password: 783301
Invite Link:

If you can, please engage with the following material. Please be aware that they contain discussions of triggering topics, including regarding loss, grief, violence, war, mental health challenges, racism, genocide. Engagement with this particular material is not a pre-requisite to participating in the session or having interesting things to say!

  1. The documentary ‘Human’ by Yann Arthus-Bertrand –
  2. The book Sylvia Wynter: On Being Human as Praxis by Katherine McKittrick (2015), especially chapters Yours in the Intellectual Struggle: Sylvia Wynter and the Realization of the Living & Unparalleled Catastrophe for Our Species?: Or, to Give Humanness a Different Future: Conversations
  3. The book Being Human During Covid, edited by Kristin Hass (2021), especially chapters Facing our pandemic & Not Even Past: Archiving 2020 in Real Time
    If you would like to facilitate the session on the 31st of May on a topic of your choice, you would be most welcome to!

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