Examining hegemonic historical culture as a mechanism of racialisation: an inquiry into state education in post-1989 Romania

Date&Time: Thursday, 18th May, 11 am

Location: DMB, 2S7

Join online: Teams Meeting ID: 385 169 700 653, Passcode: 8RWpPc

Speaker: Simina Dragoș

This presentation outlines the main theoretical underpinnings of my PhD, which explores the post-1989 historical culture (Grever & Adriaansen, 2017) of Romania, as reflected in state education, film and public sites of remembrance. Drawing on Stuart Hall’s (1996) interpretation of Gramsci, I see schools as places where consensus is assured through the pedagogies of the state (Sriprakash et al., 2022). I am especially interested in the role of culture – particularly historical culture – in the maintenance of hegemony. I am seeking feedback on these thoughts and look forward to engaging with everyone on the relationship between hegemony and culture.

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