State education, petro-pedagogy and Environmental Justice

Throughout this academic year the Education and Environmental Justice (EEJ) steering group has been engaging with a wide range of conversations about the relationships between educational systems, environmental issues and social justice. In our second set of reading group + seminar sessions, we delved into the links between environmental justice and state education through an exploration of the notion of ‘petro-pedagogies’.

Call for Participants – Digital Inequalities in Education: Pasts, Presents and Futures

Digital inequalities have long existed within education, both within traditional educational spaces and practice, and within specifically digital interactions. These inequalities have deep roots in extant socio-cultural and socio-economic inequalities, and yet emerge in unique ways through the macro and micro dynamics of education and digital technologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital inequalities have been bought into a new light as the infrastructural provisions of classrooms and campuses have given way to various at-home arrangements.

Social Theory Workshop: In Conversation with Adriana Cavarero

Join us in conversation with Adriana Cavarero on her forthcoming book ‘Surging Democracy. Notes on Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought’. The event will explore theorising affect, political demonstrations , protests and bodily interacting as a plurality in public space, using Hannah Arendt as her guide.