Education and Environmental Justice (EEJ): a series of readings and seminars

With the environmental crisis widely accepted to be the definitional challenge of this century, and the landscape of social justice linked to this crisis now beginning to take shape, EEJ seeks to direct much needed attention to how educational research can respond to this multifaceted, transdisciplinary problem. The hope is that EEJ will serve as a vibrant space within the CPGJ cluster at the Faculty of Education for ongoing discussions about education and the environment, and geopolitical justice.

The soft launch of this new group will be introduced by Dr Elsa Lee on 2nd of February 2021 at 16.30 (UK time) and will feature speakers: Professor Susan Robertson, Dr Haira Gandolfi and a representative from Cambridge Zero Carbon. It will have time for breakout room discussions about the interlinked and intersectional issues of Education and Environmental Justice, and how policy influences these.

All sessions will be recorded for use by the EEJ group to track how our thinking and theorizing develops.  The recordings will also be made available to a visual artist who will respond in 3D to the work as a way of recording the development of the group and the thinking that is taking place, including how it affects their own work as an artist. The artist’s work will feature in the monthly blogs that will be posted on the CPGJ website and will also be displayed at an exhibition at the end of the series in June 2021. 

To join the soft launch event or the EEJ mailing list, please fill out the registration form. Sessions will be held virtually on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month until June 2021. The schedule of readings and seminars will be released immediately after the launch event, and the details for the zoom meeting will be sent to those registered in the mailing list.  

Convening group members: Mollie Baker, Haira Gandolfi, Taylor Hughson, Elsa Lee, Mary Murphy, and Alexandre Trindade